Guitar lessons temple texasThere is a better way to learn to play guitar, and it’s called the Play Now Guitar Method™. You don’t need to learn how to read music as a beginner, you need to learn to play first – and that’s what my Play Now Method™ teaches you.

I’m a 20+ year professional performer and teacher, and I developed Rockin’ Rick’s Play Now Guitar Method™ because I’ve seen too many guitar students get frustrated with traditional guitar teachers who force them to learn to read music and other non-essential things too early in their training. These teaching methods, although well intended, often leave students confused, bored, and uninspired.

I teach Guitar, basic keyboards, songwriting, vocal performance, electronic recording and more in my music studio in Temple Texas. My teaching studio is equipped with large flat screen TV monitors for students to easily learn visually as I teach one-on-one at an interactive pace they can follow. I teach students in a way that allows them to learn fast and have fun doing it.

Guitar Lessons Temple Texas

Learn from a pro the fun and easy way.

Rockin’ Rick’s Play Now™ Lessons in Temple offer Guitar, Vocal, and Performance coaching to students in Belton Texas, Killeen Texas, Salado Texas, and Moody Texas. My Temple Texas Play Now™ Guitar Lessons will give you a well rounded and fun music education.

Temple Texas Guitar Lessons – You Can Learn to Play Guitar From a Great Guitar Teacher and Have Fun Doing It!

Temple Texas Guitar Lessons

I’m a well known Central Texas entertainer and veteran music instructor.

Who knows, once you learn the shortcuts to playing like a pro with Rockin’ Rick’s Play Now Guitar™ Lessons, you may even be interested in using your musical skills to become a professional musician and entertainer, just like I did. I can tell you with confidence that if your goal is to go to the next level with your talent, NO ONE can help you do that like I can. I have literally written books and online training courses on how to use your talent to create a part time or full time career for yourself as a music performer. I have done it myself, so I know exactly what I’m talking about! That’s why other professional musicians call me “The Gig Coach”.

Temple Texas Guitar Lessons

I teach acoustic and electric guitar, vocal coaching, stage performance, digital music recording, music programming, and much more.

About Me

I have been a professional musician for many years, and yes, I am “Rockin’ Rick” from “Rockin’ Rick and the Corvettes”.  I always get that question so I thought I would go ahead and answer it here. Many people are familiar with my performance career because they have seen me perform on PBS television shows such as, “Rolling with Rockin’ Rick and the Corvettes” or they have seen me in concert over the years.

I’ve won multiple awards with my musical abilities, including: Best Band of the Year (3 years in a row), Male Vocalist of the Year, Entertainer of the Year, Songwriter Awards, and Awards for Commercial Jingles I’ve written and produced.

Temple Texas Music Lessons

I was also a nationally recognized instructor and business leader in the Martial arts industry for many years. As a published author, I have contributed over 100 articles to magazines like the one above.













I create online courses for professional entertainers all over the world. below is an audio testimonial from a professional musician from Canada who purchased one of my courses:

Besides being a professional musician, I’ve been a certified Black Belt Martial Arts instructor since I was 21, and I also worked as a police officer for several years. My corporate career as a writer and nationally recognized trainer in the Martial Arts business industry brought me to Central Texas in 1995.

About My Temple Texas Play Now Guitar™ Lessons

My Play Now Guitar™ Teaching Method makes learning guitar fun and easy because I know what a student needs to learn  – and I also know what is a total waste of a new student’s time! From the very first lesson they take with me, my students start learning practical foundational skills that will make it much, much easier to enjoy their guitar, and actually figure out songs on their own in a short amount of time.

I Teach Private Lessons and Small Group Classes

Experience has taught me, and educational studies have shown that guitar students learn best in a combination of small group classes and private lessons.

I use a combination of group and individual classes throughout my programs so my students get the most well-rounded music education possible.

I Teach Guitar In a Way That Makes Students Want to Stick With It

I invest a lot of individual time and effort in my students’ development, and I’m not really interested in students who only plan to stay in the program for a few months and then quit. There are many, many guitar students looking for good teachers, and since I can only take a limited number of students, I want my students to be willing to commit to learning to play the guitar.

As a guitar teacher, I have the opportunity to totally impact a student’s life forever with a skill that will help shape who they are, and I take that very seriously. I know what learning to play the guitar will mean to them 20 years after the last lesson they take, and I know from personal experience how valuable a good music education will be to them – forever!

I Teach Guitar Students to Play By Ear and By Reading Guitar Music

In order to really enjoy the guitar, a student must have a solid understanding of what they are actually playing instead of just learning to play a few chords or partial songs off of YouTube. I wish I would have had a good guitar teacher who could have explained to me why guitar chords follow a certain pattern.

I never knew how much I didn’t know until I went to college and studied music. That was the moment the lights went on for me! When I learned Music Theory in college I finally understood what I was actually playing on the guitar. EVERYTHING you love about the guitar is built from some fairly simple musical concepts and that’s what I teach in Rockin’ Rick’s Play Now Guitar™ Method. I know how to make learning fun.

Temple Texas Guitar Lessons

Rick has a state of the art recording studio where advanced students can write and record their own music.

My Recording Studio In Temple, Texas

I’ve spent over 20 years putting together a state of the art recording and performance training studio in Temple, Texas. My studio offers a comfortable creative environment that features top of the line professional audio equipment, including guitars, microphones, keyboards, special recording software and more.

Besides being a professional guitarist, I’m also a keyboard player and digital music composer. I have recorded over 1,000 songs in my studio over the years, and one of the goals of my music program is to record my students playing once they get to a proficient level (usually 6 months). I have found that students love the fact that we will be making actual recordings of them when they are ready.

Here’s What I Expect From My Students in Play Now Guitar™ Classes in Temple Texas:

Students need their own guitar, with a guitar case to protect it as they travel between home and the studio. I usually recommend students start out learning on an acoustic guitar, simply because it needs no amplification and the student can practice with it anywhere.

If students don’t yet have a guitar, I am happy to help them choose a great guitar that will fit their hand size and their budget. CLICK HERE to see a good starter guitar.

My commitment to my students is to teach in a way that excites them about playing guitar! Your ONLY commitment is to yourself, and that commitment is NOT TO QUIT!!!

As you know, anything worthwhile will take time and effort to develop. Learning Guitar will feel challenging at times, but if you hang in there even when it feels hard – It will be SO WORTH IT!! I know this for a fact.

See you in class!